Can technology promote happiness?

What if there is more to it than cold, rational calculation and profit optimization? What if technological solutions actually promote softer values and in the end make us happier?

January 30, 2018

Technology. When talking digitalization and technology, we usually find ourselves using pseudo-sociopathic words like efficiency and workflow optimization. But what if there is more to it than cold, rational calculation and profit optimization? What if technological solutions actually promote softer values and in the end make us happier?

They do! At least according to CEO in Statum, Nicolas Kirk Jørgensen, and that is exactly why he is working towards digitalizing the field of human resources:

“A study from 2017 states that you actually can buy happiness if your money is spent on buying more time. We believe that the smartest thing is to let technology solve the time-consuming tasks that drain your profits and your work energy,” he says.

Statum is an online platform showcasing company profiles, positions and perks in order for candidates to find a position fitting their profile. They have developed an algorithm (with data points on both sides) that matches companies and candidates on several aspects. They have managed to exchange old-fashioned gut feeling and self-glorifying applications with a more fact and data-based approach.

Making HR-work easier

“Technology has phased out most constraints concerning time and space. We are now able to communicate across geographic barriers and transport goods from one end of the world to another. In Statum, we use technology to create job satisfaction – just as you do in Contractbook,” Jørgensen concludes.

“Life used to be laborious,” he continues: “Today, we barely notice how much easier technology makes our lives. I can, without any hesitation, say that technology reduces all the hassle and the draggy routine tasks that everyone hates anyway.”

Jørgensen and Statum do not think that there is any reason to fear technology and be romantic about the time we all drove around in horse carriages, lighting candles in cold attics and getting tuberculosis at the foggy banks on a contaminated river. He points to a study prepared by Adobe in 2016 called The Future of Work.

Technology and job satisfaction

“The survey is based on more than 2.000 employees from India, USA and England. In the survey, 81 % of the respondents said that technology is the most important factor for well-being and job satisfaction at the workplace.”

“We know that in Statum. We use technology to eradicate errors in recruitment. It takes time to train an employee, recognize the mismatch and respond to the mistake. We believe that an honest and open dialogue, combined with an in-depth technological-based insight into the candidate’s personality and a company’s DNA creates job satisfaction. The job satisfaction is not only reserved for the employee but also for you as an employer, as you ensure an easy and manageable recruitment process with a minimal consumption of your most important resource: Time!”

Contractbook definitely agrees. Digitalization is not only about securing black digits at your bottom line – it is about facilitating a pleasant work environment. Being all afraid of technology makes you lack behind – when you have to recruit the right person – and when you have to create, sign and store their employment contracts.

This is Nicolas, he is very digital-minded and therefore obviously happy!

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