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Rome was not built in a day, and neither will Contractbook be. Lately, we have been focused on the brand to appear more reliable and to stand out against our competitors on the market. Do you want to know how we did it?

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September 28, 2017

Rome was not built in a day, and neither will Contractbook be. Lately, we have been focused on the brand to appear more reliable and to stand out against our competitors on the market. Do you want to know how we did it?

Rebranding a functioning product is a challenge no matter what stage the product is in. For almost two years we have mainly focused on delivering new features, User Experience and security improvements in Contractbook.

In the last months, we have finally decided to work on the brand itself. The main target was to make our new brand represent our identity and values. Consequently, the new brand had to be an illustration of our reliable, innovative and exciting application.

What is Contractbook?

First of all, Contractbook is an online tool that helps you handle all your legal work. With Contractbook you can create contracts from scratch, use one of many predefined templates or import your old documents into a storage system. But more importantly, it allows you and your clients, employees or co-workers to sign contracts digitally. No feathers, no ink, no paper!

Why did we decide to rebrand our product?

Contractbook has been working as a successful SaaS application for almost two years now. We have developed an innovative online signature platform that found users from all around the world.

We did not want to stop the progress. Contractbook’s development will significantly speed up in the upcoming months, so as we prepared the new features, we decided that we needed to make a step forward with the brand itself. We wanted to communicate our growth visually to our users.

What it looked like at the beginning?

When we launched Contractbook, we all felt that the paper plane illustration in our old logo’s signet defined our identity quite well: We wanted to build something with minimum resources and still capture a part of the sky (tech-legal market). And, we did it! But then we realized that the construction needed to be built from more solid materials than paper.

We wanted to stay young and brave but at the same time be more trustworthy and reliable.

The process behind new brand

Before we started to sketch and design the actual logo, we made some internal analysis. With the useful online tool – Typeform – we did a quick survey asking our team members about their perception of the current aesthetics of the brand, its values, and manifesto. You can find the survey here and see what questions we prepared.

The results proved to us that the brand needed more reliability. Here are the main assumptions after the review of the results of the survey:

1. The new brand has to look more professional, but it must still maintain its „innovative/start-up” feeling because our clients are mainly small and medium companies looking for creative yet professional tools to improve their workflow

2. The colours of the new brand have to be vivid and outstanding. They have to communicate that our solution is innovative, and furthermore, they have to stand out against competitors

3. The new brand has to communicate that Contractbook is all about contracts organization and digital signatures

[We made a lot of versions before we chose final solution!]

Based on the survey we developed our first ideas which we will mockup on the existing interface and social media.

After we agreed on typography, we started to work on the logo itself. We needed to find a form that would represent all of Contractbook’s core values clearly. So, what are they?

The values of Contractbook

The tool is all about digital signatures and it helps you manage all your legal work. It was quite obvious to us that the document or the contract symbol would be the most appropriate icon. As Contractbook encourages you to get rid of paper and pen in the process of contract signing, we wanted the icon to represent bond-signature in a different way. We decided to illustrate that by a chain-blend of two sheets of papers.

That is where we ended up in terms of logo semantics.

[Most important values and associations with Contractbook]

[Different version of the signets!]

The form and the colours

We wanted the Contractbook logo to stay fresh and simple, regardless of the recent trends in logo design. The form built on the modular grid with simple shapes gave us the best result. At the earliest stages of the process we thought it would be best to stick with the old colour palette, but as the form developed, we realized that colours had to evolve as well.

When rebranding a product, you have to put a huge effort into researching your competitors. We gathered most of our competitors’ logos and discussed what colours they picked and why. The two most popular colours turned out to be blue and green; both associated with trust, reliability, and professionalism. But we did not want to go with boring blue and the low-saturated green as others did. It seemed way too safe. So instead we decided to pick colours that would differentiate our product from our competitors. We went for a vivid green and a dark, mesmerizing blue, that is also implemented into our interface.  

[Our new brand had to stand out!]

Application of the new brand to the app

We wanted to improve the new look without revolutionizing the whole interface. By simple colours and font replacement as well as some minor spacing and sizing tweaks, we achieved our goal. We finished up with a brand new product – cleaner, more polished and more professional in appearance.

[Some of the basic screens we rebranded for our new interface]

[Homepage Before and After the rebranding process — check it online]

[Application Interface Before and After the rebranding process — check it online]

It’s all set up!

Now it is time for you to try it out. In the upcoming weeks, we will pay close attention and gather feedback to find out if our decisions were correct. Until then, we hope that you, our current and new users, will appreciate the changes. We have already received positive feedback from some of our customers, and we must admit, we are more than excited with the new look and feel! Since we highly value transparency (as we have shown by letting you into our cockpit with this article), please let us know what you think.

Any feedback will be much appreciated!

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