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Soho & Noho

Contractbook has given us a great overview

Soho & Noho used a combination of emails and PDF-files to create and manage their contracts. The result was a mix of lack of structure and frustration for their employees. Then they tried the Contractbook...

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The Challenge

Why did Soho & Noho start using Contractbook?

Like many others, Soho was in a situation, where they managed their contracts through emails with attached word or PDF documents. They tried to replace their physical records by uploading their contracts to a management system that offered storage for documents but was not actually designed for that purpose. The result, however, was even less overview and structure than their old physical archive. The purpose of using Contractbook therefor was to create clarity and structure.

The Solution

How do they use Contractbook?

Soho uses Contractbook to send and sign all new contracts which, in their case, are mostly with new tenants. All their contracts are sent from a unified profile but in order to create the clear structure they wished for, all relevant employees are connected to a parent profile so they can always keep an overview of what is sent, signed, and pending. In addition, all their standard templates have been moved from word to Contractbook for easy access.

The result is that Soho's contracts are able to be completed and sent much faster with all relevant attachments in one go. The contracts also return faster than ever before in their new flow. By switching to Contractbook, Soho has achieved the kind of overview and workflow they wished for. They have a distinct list of documents, are able to sort in contracts and quickly discover which contracts are in circulation as opposed to earlier, when the contracts were often lost in long email corresponds.



Soho & Noho is an office hotel in central Copenhagen with more than 600 tenants.


Three positive things that bring value
in relation to the problem


"Contractbook makes it easier to manage and keep track of the contracts that has been sent and are pending."

Faster to Sign

"Now we can suddenly call it abnormal when two days has passed and the recipient hasn't signed"

Peace of Mind

"We can easily track the status of a contract"

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Webbler ApS

By using Contractbook, Webbler ApS got rid of agreements that were located in old email threads.