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Webbler ApS

By using Contractbook, Webbler ApS got rid of agreements that were located in old email threads and that were difficult to manage for both the customer and the seller.

"In addition, our overall processes have been digitized, so that we are completely paperless in regards to contracts and other legal documents.”

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The Challenge

What did you do before you used Contractbook, and what challenges did it give you?

“As a marketing agency, sales agreements (and other legal documents) are crucially important for us. Previously, we stored all customer agreements in mail correspondences which became really problematic when we later had to refer to the contracts when discussing specific terms with our clients - it was difficult to find important details. And our employment contracts were kept in hard-copy, paper form.

The Solution

What do you primarily use Contractbook for now?

“All our contracts and legal documents. It's that simple. From customer agreements, collaboration agreements, employment contracts, data processing agreements - and even company foundation documents. We have yet to hear from a customer or business partner who could not easily and quickly figure out how to sign the agreement through Contractbook. In addition, we have gotten a clear overview of our sent and signed contracts, and we can monitor their status quickly just by looking at directly on the contract list.”

Digital Marketing


Webbler is a digital marketing agency that works with advertising across a variety of online platforms: Email marketing, Facebook advertising, Google Ads, SEO.


Three positive things that bring value
in relation to the problem

In One Place

All legal documents and contracts collected in one place.

Easy & Fast

Easy and fast digital signature process for both Webbler and their customers.

Optimised work

Greatly optimised work processes that saves Webbler a ton of time and man hours. There is no longer any need to handle paperwork in physical form.

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