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Contractbook is a simple tool that enables you to create,
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It is 100% legally binding. No more printing and scanning.

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Your contracts as templates

There is no better way to speed up the process of sending a contract than using a template - use one of our lawyer made samples or create our own. The templates contain editable fields that change every time you send it.

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Track contract status

Once a contract is send, you can easily track if and when it was opened. You will be notified when it is signed. With an admin setup, you are able to overview your entire team's contracts from one place.

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All in one tool

Handling contracts has never been easier!

Draft sharing

Send a contract to collect data or share your work in progress.

Team setup

Glasslike transparency across your organisation

Secure storage

All your old and new contracts stored safely with a secure SSL connection and a state‑of‑the‑art cryptographic system

Notification system

Stay updated - never lose track of your contracts

Multiple recipients

Send your contracts to multiple recipients

No more printers & PDFs

Save the forest, go paperless:

No matter what plan you choose – you will get:

  • Digital signature
  • Team setup
  • Storage
  • Upload of documents
  • Free contract templates
  • GDPR-friendly dataflow
  • Real time statistics
  • Option for Nem-ID
  • Ability to send to multiple recipients
  • Full transparency & overview
  • Online support
  • Contract draft sharing

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